what one does to hairs on head before begining a mating ritual.
ya see this? this is my new freaking hair cut.
you know what that means?
i'm gonna get some freaking pussy.
by wonderduck54 June 24, 2009
Top Definition
a drinking act involving:
- two people
- alchohol
- energy drink or gatorade

one person tilts their head back and closes their throat. the other person then pours small amount of energy drink, large amount of alchohol, and small amount of energy drink in that order. the drinker then tilts their head up and swallows the drink simultaneously. this is done for two reasons: you dont feel it going down no matter the alchohol percent and it gets you very drunk very fast.
"dude i had like 8 haircuts last night of red bull and smirnoff and i woke up in a football field naked with a sock on my dick."
by bigmaxx23 July 10, 2008
A reduction in pay or loss of money.
During the divorce, she gave him a good haircut.
by Jason Ward January 11, 2005
Noun, plural. Another way to describe a group of hipsters. Refers to the type of haircut now seen on many. Examples include dramatic sweeping bangs that cover both eyes and half the face, a fauxhawk, or mullet. Moderately derogative term as it is meant to make fun of the often seen and now unoriginal style.
"Hey, did you go see that new indie band at Popscene on Thursday?"

"Yeah, the haircuts were all there"

by supercuts August 28, 2006

(1) obnoxiously trendy scene kid with bangs that cover his or her eyes

(2) ob"scene" individual with ridiculously cut and teased hair

synonym: whitebelt
i guess Whiskey Bar is the new place to be; there were so many haircuts making out with whitebelts last Thursday it wasn't even worth the $1 wells.
by melissa and jordan March 20, 2006
a slang term meaning to pop off for a sly wank when friends and family think you are somewhere else.
"Where's John?"

"Oh, he's gone for a haircut!"

"Dirty wanker!"
by Anonymous February 24, 2003
A man with a well-coffed haircut that he uses primarily in his function as a salesman. He is always a republican but is just one firing away from the welfare lines. He is waiting for his parents to die so he can quit work and drink scotches for the rest of his life.
That dude John is a real haircut. He is just a handsome flunky that old broads think is darling.
by call it as it is January 18, 2005
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