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one who cuts hair for a living, and after many years of hearing it all, and providing advice, receives an honorary PHD in therapy.
Forget cosmetology, a cosmetologist, or barber......... a hairapist describes anyone who cuts hair and has heard it all, but also gives advice.
by Iam8thWonder November 24, 2009
-noun her-uh-pist
"One who provides salon services specifically for the treatment and styling of hair while also providing methods to aid in one's psychological state/s of being."
Not only does my hairapist provide me with great advice for life but I always leave with a wonderful new hair-do, feeling great on the inside and out!
by Southernguy_NYC September 02, 2009
A person who has sex with hair without legal consent.
That hairapist put his wiener in my up-do.
by RandallStorby September 28, 2012
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