The irrational and compulsive sense that one's hair is wrong or out of place.
Nancy Grace kept flipping her bangs back into place, suggesting mild hairanoia.
by lingtuist1 July 09, 2009
Top Definition
A disturbed thought process characterized by excessive fear and anxiety that everyone is staring at your hair and making fun of you for it.
Tara's extreme hairanoia compelled her to wear a hat until her bangs grew out. They said she was just being hairanoid, but she swore they were all laughing!
by Kristina F. August 29, 2007
Persistent, increasing worry--rational or irrational--of receding hairline or balding.
Mark's hairanoia became so extreme, he began taking photos of his scalp daily to see if his hairline was receding.
by The guy who played Waldo Faldo April 21, 2015
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