Over abundance of locks/threads/hair on the head.
Wow, you have a serious Hair Pie going on under that baseball cap.
by Straight A's June 11, 2007
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(noun)Cullinary metaphor for female genitalia. Applies only if it is suitably hirsute.
"Love to eat hair pie, but I hate to pick all those hairs from my teeth"

D.H. Lawrence in Lady Chatterley's Lover: "But his silence was fathomless. His hands held her like flowers, so still and strange. "Where are you?" she whispered to him. "Where are you? Speak to me! Say something to me!"

He raised his head from her hair pie, murmuring: "Ay, my lass!"
by Hugh G Rection September 17, 2003
A vagina, pussy, box, cunt, snatch, etc...
That chicks hairpie is loose as hell!
by js_hunter81 April 01, 2007
also known as pan down, bush or hairy clam smacker. Refers to the unshaven 80's style version of a females pubic area. Referenced in the movie "Revenge of the Nerds" during the panty raid film watching sequence.

When watching a slow sexual scene in which one might yearn for pornograpy one would say:

"come on, we want some hair pie, pan down, bush"
by kit the tit October 13, 2005
Particularly hairy snatch, also commonly referred to as the 'hip-to-hip wookie bush'
Her hair pie was so full, even her grannie panties could not contain it.
by tom December 07, 2004
Meat rose 'n' hairs. A hirsute pudendum.
"......no, it's Hair Pie" -Captain Beefheart
by FleshTrust November 20, 2010
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