A Male who looks, sounds, and acts like a female, having long bushy mullet-like hair and wears tight jeans that makes his genitalia look like camel toe and looks like he just stepped out out of a hair Band.
Yo, look at that guy! he's such a Hair Pie!
Pool hall attendent: "Hair Pie your tabel is ready."
Hair Pie: "Common let's play pool"

My Ex-Husband is such a hair Pie!
by stanich July 07, 2006
Meat rose 'n' hairs. A hirsute pudendum.
"......no, it's Hair Pie" -Captain Beefheart
by FleshTrust November 20, 2010
a confectionary; dining (licking and tonguing) of the female sex organ
Tyrone decided on dessert after having sex with Takeshia. He ate Takeshia's hair pie
by Richard Black March 10, 2005
Common slang used by many, referring to the female organ, the Vagina, or as I like the call it, the Pussy. Also it is usually hairy.
"Oh my god I got like, three hair pies last night dude!"
by John Stucko March 31, 2003
1. thick pubes... guy or girl
"I burried my face in her hair pie"
by JTHowell February 12, 2009
Over abundance of locks/threads/hair on the head.
Wow, you have a serious Hair Pie going on under that baseball cap.
by Straight A's June 11, 2007
A diminutive cartoonish fellow with wirey dark hair, whose moustache and mono-brow are interchangeable. He also answers to the name of "Fritz"
Hey Reese, did you see Hair Pie last night? He was so shitfaced that he was eating the urinal cakes again!
by Minta Moisty April 08, 2005
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