a guy who spends more than half the day messing with his hair. Also a guy who has long hair and uses his hand for a comb during the day.
Girl: Come on, lets go or we will miss the movie.
Dude: hold on. Im doing my hair.
Girl: God, your such a hair farmer!
by Flamin Orphans April 13, 2009
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Any male with excessively long hair.
Lorenzo Lamas, Fabio, and all the members of "Lynrd Skynrd" are hair farmers.
by Chris Rosenbaum February 04, 2004
A member of a heavy-metal band, usually in the 1980s. The look is primarily characterized by a large amount of hair (normally blond), secondarily by donning spandex and studded leather jackets
Most members of these bands, among others: Whitesnake, Poison, Motley Crue, Warrant.
by Roderick October 16, 2003
a dude that grows his hair out like a chick
Rob Hamilton and Chad Williams are hair farmer s
by Rob Kelly_RJC December 12, 2008

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