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Quite possibly the best and most enjoyable music genre that ever came into existance. Synonymous with many of the following:

Energetic, keyboard-driven rock songs
Themes of love and togetherness
Big, poofy hairstyles
High-pitched vocals
And of course - SPANDEX PANTS!

Hair metal originated in the mid 1980s and died out when hip-hop began to dominate the majority of the 1990s. Such a shame.
One word: EUROPE!

# "It's the Final Countdoooooooown!" #
by Mika June 09, 2004
A natural evolution of glam rock. Noted by their hairspray addictions and spandex trousers hair metal bands first arose on both sides of the Atlantic in the mid 1980's through bands such as Motley Crue, Def Leppard, Wrathchild and LA Guns. Reached a high in the late 80's as the principle form of commercial rock expression before becoming unfashionable with the arrival of grunge in the early 1990's. I never went away and is now undergoing something of a revival through bands such as The Darkness.
Must hear hair metal bands include:-
Poison, Motley Crue, Wrathchild, Smashed Gladys, Pretty Boy Floyd, Love Hate, Girl, Tigertailz, Rankelsson, Hanoi Rocks, Dog's D'Amour, The Quireboys, L.A. Guns, Torme, Tora Tora, The Darkness and Underneath What.
by black flag June 27, 2004
The best Rock in the Fuckng world!!! In the 80's it was all about leather, make-up, and big hair. The music was pure, great music, that talked about the good times in life. Nothing can kill Hair Metal, it will always ive on! Also known as Glam Metal.
Examples of Hair Metal Bands:
Motley Crue
Faster Pussycat
L.A. Guns
Skid Row
Twisted Sister
White Lion
Motley Crue is the best fucking hair metal band ever!!!
Long Live Motley Crue!!!
by NikkiSixxRules October 07, 2006
A great genre. Defined by high pitched yet melodious screams, happy go lucky lifestyle and lyrics, etc. And of course the hair....and spray and lipstick etc.
Few things to get straight however
1. Guns N' Roses are not hair metal....even thought htey are a great band. Just because they have long hair does not make them hair metal. If thats how you define it we start to get bands like the Allman Brothers Band being hair metal.Neither are they heavy metal. Thats much harder and mostly crappy music exept for a few great bands (Iron Maiden, Metallica, Megadeth, and best of all: etc.) Theyre straight up hard rock.
2. GRUNGE DID NOT FUCKING KILL HAIR METAL!! Holy fucking shit....no one of any influence likes grunge anyway so how the hell could they kill hair metal????? MT fucking V and the rest of the mainstream media stopped playing them......most generally considered guns n' roses to be hair metal so they got all offended at songs like "one in a million".....WHICH DOESNT HAVE THAT BAD LYRICS OMFG!!!!! oh maybe he says the n-word once...try listening to some of the fucking rap that the mainstream media is playing now eh??? He brings up some good arguments but he does step over the line once or twice or five times....but NOT THAT FAR OVER!!!
Grunge kids call Hair Metal fans arrogant and self - centered and theyre the ones whining about their problems all the time to us...would you rather go through life happy or sad??take the right turn and get yasself some fuckin motley crue, skid row, ratt, whitesnake, scorpions, etc.
by METAL HEALTH! September 06, 2005
Dictionhousen,slamma,Seattle Man can all eat fn sh*t.. hair metal is the best type of music, and always will be. they sang about being happy, instead of grunge, who sang about how much they wanted to die and how depressed they were. its fn lame. and their look was entertaining if you didnt get it. just wanted to say how dumb you were, later->
top 5 fav bands. 1. def leppard 2. styx 3. firehouse 4. bon jovi 5. white lion
by Con December 31, 2003
Hair metal, to sum it up, is an AWESOME genre of music. Hair metal is not exactly metal, though the musicianship has some simillarities. However, as opposed to black metal and death metal, the lyrics tend to be more upbeat and focused on "sex, drugs, and rock n' roll," as opposed to death and other gloomy, borderline Satanic lyrics, and unlike speed metal the musicianship is more intricate (listen to the guitar part for "Sweet Child O' Mine"). Hair metal actually is closer to the classic rock of the rolling stones and other bands like them than anything else

Here's a quick fact for you: Grunge did NOT kill hair metal. Far from it. Hair metal competed with grunge briefly, and then Kurt Cobain killed himself. Grunge has since then lost lots of it's popularity (don't even TRY comparing Hole or even Pearl Jam, a pretty decent band, to Nirvana). And I, and lots of people I know, like both genres.

Hair metal is disliked by hipsters today, who seem to find it's huge popularity proof that it is "corporate." Fine. You go on listening to belle and sebastian and le tigre, and we'll see who people listen to ten years from now and who is residing in the "where are they now" files. Listen to the guitar playing of Eddie Van Halen and Slash and try saying indie rockers are more talented.

Besides lyrics focused on fun and sex, hair metal has gotten political sometimes. For example, listen to twisted sister's song "we're not gonna take it."
by king of canada June 19, 2006
Hair Metal=Glam Metal!
And Glam Was Actually Real Rock N Roll

if you dont know Rock N Roll IS ABOUT Happines!
Not Some Crap Like Grunge And All Other Alternative Music
about sadness and suicide

alll alternative music Listeners

Please Suicide!
Fuckers!Just die

Hair Metal=Glam Metal!
And Glam Was Actually Real Rock N Roll
by 80srocker August 23, 2009