A hand job given by a male with long, soft hair. A male drapes his long silky hair around another male's erection and proceeds with a normal hand job.
I can't get enough of my boyfriend's long blond mane. He gives really good hair jobs.
by nihonzaru October 26, 2005
Top Definition
A hand job given by a female with long, soft hair. The female drapes her long silky hair around the males erection and proceeds with a normal hand job.
She must've had a hell of a time untangling her hair after that hair job last night.
by eerie February 19, 2005
when a girl wraps her very long hair around your genitals.
He met a girl with very long brown silky hair. She took him to her place and rubbed her long brown silky hair on his genitals and gave him the best hairjob ever. He came almost instantly. The feeling of her hair was intense.
by rockerz June 20, 2007
the best thing ever thought of by a human being.
She wrapped her very long, soft, sensuous hair around my cock and stroked me until I went straight to heaven.
by john March 10, 2005
It a happy ending to a hair cut where the stylest takes you in the back and gives you brain. Most likely to take place at Great Clips.
"Yo did you get a hair cut?" "hell yeah and that bucket hooked me up with a hair job" "damn chaalay how come you always get a hair job every time you go in that place?"
by Getluckyforlife November 17, 2009
when you go to the hairdressers and beat off under the cape
When my friend went to Just Friends, Kimmie gave him the best hairjob!
by notaho September 25, 2006
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