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when a female lays her hair on the bed/couch, and lets the male hump it or jerk off with her hair.
my girlfriend layed her gorgeous silky long hair on the bed and i fucked the shit out of her hair, over and over and she let me cum in her hair as many times as i wanted, and i had such a wonderful hair fuck. I did this every day. Her hair is so silky when my cock touches it, it almost feels like i am going to cum because its so silky and soft. I love humping her long light brown hair.

She would just lay her silky light brown hair all over the bed and i would sink my cock into her hair and fuck over and over.
by kingadz June 21, 2007
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v. When a male sits on the females shoulder blades or the females back of her neck a thrusts their hips back and forth with the erect penis inside the females hairbun.
"He asked for a hairfuck and got to fuck her hairbun till he came on her hair."
by SM4R+ii3 July 05, 2009
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