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The shittiest town on earth. It's a death trap to live in. Everyone wants to move out of that town except for dumb ass rednecks who get their girlfriends pregnant. Most of it is orange groves. The most exciting thing that has happened to Haines City was the expansion of the high school. The "mall" of Haines City is the Walmart where all the dumb ass high schoolers hang out in the electronics. This place is dumb as fuck and the only visitors they get are snowbirds and tourists looking for Disney. There are no hot guys in Haines City, only dumb ass rednecks and hispanics who have no life and don't know how to treat a girl. Lots of drugs are sold in the ghetto, mainly meth. Everyone knows everyone else's business because they are snooping, gossiping dumbasses. All the scene/emo kids at the high school are weird as fuck, and alot of fights break out at the high school. Basically nobody wants to live in Haines City.
Dave:"Hey, what's that piece of shit?"
Alex:"Oh, that's just Haines City."

Sara:" I was thinking of moving to Haines City."
Jessica:"No. You'll die."
by thatchillgirl July 08, 2012
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