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the gorgegous Eminem (marshall mathers) baby girl. one of the most beautiful celeb kids ever! and is absolutely brilliant on track 19 on 'The Eminem Show' - 'My Dad's Gone Crazy'. Also on 'The Eminem Show' track no. 14 , 'Hailie's song' written for her by her daddy. Hailie and Marshall's father daughter relationship is the cutest one EVER!!!!!!!
Tracks on Eminem's latest album 'The Eminem Show'.
by Christie Leigh August 10, 2004
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8 year old Hailie is the cutest girl in the world. She is so lucky to have Marshall for a dad because he loves her with all his heart and is there for her!
She is so lucky to have him for a dad!
by Hayley March 21, 2004
a part of the finest man to ever walk this earth. I'm a big fan of hai-hai and her daddy. I'd hang with Bonnie & Clyde anytime. Hey EM I'll be hailie's new mommy!!!! I Love You!!!!!
p.s. don't dog kim too bad after all she did make one of the most beautiful kids in the world with the sexiest man ever. DON'T HATE LOL
by BRANDY November 30, 2003
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