a really nice and pretty girl. she's beautiful, but she doesn't know it. she is very insecure and never wants to know her weight because she thinks she's fat but is truthfully skinny. usually a brunette. when she likes a guy she doesn't tell many people. you would never have guessed she liked the person she likes unless she told you. she's good at hiding the truth about herself, but once you see her true self you'll see her true beauty and how she's a very nice person inside. she loves summer and would do anything to spend a day at the beach with her friends and family. she's very loving and loyal and she may not have many friends, but the ones she has are true. she hates drama but if she's involved she'll back herself up. you don't want to mess with anything or anyone she loves because she will fuck you up. she is really good at giving advice and will help you in any bad situation. she's really happy and no one wants to see her sad.
Random Guy : Hailey's such a whore.

*hailey cries*
Some Girl: Don't say that ! Hailey is my best friend you're stupid to think something like that she's so nice if you would ever take time to know her you'd understand!
Some Guy: Yeah ! leave her alone don't you see how upset she is. your words hurt. what did she ever do to you ?
by stayingstrong00 April 22, 2013
Hailey has THE BEST EYES AND SMILE! Most Haileys have blue eyes and blonde or brunette hair. The nicest people you will ever meet. Has an incredible sense of humor. Nice ass and body too! Cutest girl ever with a great sense of style. You will never meet another girl like her. She loves her friends more than anything. They mean the world to her. If you know one you are extremely lucky! She will love you more than anything if you ever date one. She is the best girl ever!
Hailey is so cute with the best smile ever and the most beautiful blue eyes.
by CooCooCrazy© February 18, 2012
Hailey is VERY sexy. She has ALOT of friends. She likes to party and have fun. She's outgoing and always doing something. Hailey's are usually blonde or brunette with big boobs. She's friends with everyone and has some haters. She doesn't take crap from anyone and is always there for her friends. Hailey's get all the guys. She's amazing and if you don't know a Hailey...go meet one. They're the best. <3
Guy 1- Hailey is awesome and hot!
Guy 2- Dude...I know. I'd hit that.
by Hottie103 June 26, 2011
A awesome amazing girl that is amazing at sports and everyone adores a Hailey! Haileys are gorgeus kind weird ( in good ways)
Wow Hailey is just so awesome
by H<3 November 09, 2013
Hailey is the name of an amazing girl! She will be an amazing sister and best friend. If you meet a Hailey, you should try to be her friend because she is always there for you! Usually also very beautiful.
Katelynn: I'm sad :(
Hailey: Let's go jump off the dock into the lake. Or have a silly string fight!
Katelynn: Thanks :) You always think of amazing things to cheer me up!!!
by KayTay121389lovesHailey June 11, 2013
Noun; describes someone who's beyond beautiful, cute , smart, black hair but has blonde roots, has gorgeous brown eyes. Has the ability to make anyone smile. Tends to poke people alot, leaving brusies. An amazing friend and if given the chance to be more then a friend, one shall relize the amount of passion and happiness that lays in one human being. She'll make you feel like you're in cloud nine. With just one hug they'll make all your problems vanish, plus you can't stop looking into their eye's not to forget about their adorable voice.

The worlds best kisser. A person you'd like to spend everyday with. Someone you dream about seeing you spend your future with:)
Beautiful girl. Huge butt and boobs. VERY nice and loves to hang with friends. Usually brunette and usually tan. She loves to make people feel better. When she likes a guys she tells him . A hailey is usually gorgeous and very stunning. When someone is being mean to one of her closet friends she will fuck the person up.
Hailey will be there for anybody
by Jenahajdb April 27, 2014
A beautiful girl with blonde or brown hair is beautiful inside and out has a great personality is nice but will mess you up if you get on her nerves. Insecure doubts herself a lot but is an all around great person. Outgoing. But quiet. Strong
Boy1:hey do see that girl. She's so pretty what's her name

Boy2: I think her name is Hailey. HOLY CRAP! did you just see her punch that guy.
by hhass November 16, 2014
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