a really nice and pretty girl. she's beautiful, but she doesn't know it. she is very insecure and never wants to know her weight because she thinks she's fat but is truthfully skinny. usually a brunette. when she likes a guy she doesn't tell many people. you would never have guessed she liked the person she likes unless she told you. she's good at hiding the truth about herself, but once you see her true self you'll see her true beauty and how she's a very nice person inside. she loves summer and would do anything to spend a day at the beach with her friends and family. she's very loving and loyal and she may not have many friends, but the ones she has are true. she hates drama but if she's involved she'll back herself up. you don't want to mess with anything or anyone she loves because she will fuck you up. she is really good at giving advice and will help you in any bad situation. she's really happy and no one wants to see her sad.
Random Guy : Hailey's such a whore.

*hailey cries*
Some Girl: Don't say that ! Hailey is my best friend you're stupid to think something like that she's so nice if you would ever take time to know her you'd understand!
Some Guy: Yeah ! leave her alone don't you see how upset she is. your words hurt. what did she ever do to you ?
#hailey #nice #perfect #insecure #beautiful #friend
by stayingstrong00 April 22, 2013
the best girl i have ever met!she is kind has te best boyfriend!(who is super hot) she will always be there to listen. she is gorgeous she will never leave u alone if u are down. she picks u back up and i could never live without my hailey!
hailey is the hottest living thing on this living earth!
#yummy #hottest #super hott #sexy #delisous
by abby morson November 12, 2010
Hailey is the sweet, happy girl. If you ever meet a Hailey she will be super happy and welcoming to you. Usually she will be a brunette or blonde. She has a beautiful smile and loves friends. She loves little children and loves helping people.
PERSON 1: Aww Hailey is so sweet she gave me this beautiful rose
PERSON 2: She must be your best friend
PERSON 1: She's my best friend who is sooo pretty.
#beautiful #pretty #hailey #haley #sweet
by abbylovesmaddi March 26, 2011
Sexiest broad ever to grace the streets of the south.

I'd hit it, 2 times.
Guy 1: Dude, did you see Hailey at the game tonight?

Guy 2: Yah brah, that's one bangin' winch.
#sexy #skank #broad #leet #teh win
by 99GenX January 18, 2007
A beautiful blonde girl whos eyes can make u feel weightless and hair like no other. Shes got the ass of a goddess and brains to match. You won't find any like her
#hail #hagard #beautiful #ugly #girl
by Noremac Flacfey August 02, 2010
Hailey is outgoing, fun, and gorgeous. She is defiantly one of the most beautiful girls that you will ever know. She is very friendly, caring, and sweet. She can also be witty and funny. She is daring, but has common sense and knows her limits.
She is fairly quiet, but once you get to know her, she is loud, funny, witty, and outgoing. Hailey likes to joke around and have fun. She will lighten up your day, no matter what kind of mood you are in. If she likes you, she LOVES you. If you get on her nevres or annoy her, she HATES you. Be careful with Hailey. She is tough, but insecure, sometimes. She is gorgeous on the inside and out. If you are blessed enough to have a Hailey in your life, never, ever, EVER, let her go. <3
Guy 1: Who is that girl?
Guy 2: Hailey.
Guy 1: She's really hot...
Guy 2: I know.

Girl 1: OMG, there's Hailey!
Girl 2: it's HAILEY!
Girl 3: She's so amazing...
Girl 1: I wish that we could be friends...
Girl 3: I know...
Girl 2: She's so gorgeous...
Girl 3: Let's invite her to our party!
Girl 1: I hope she comes, everyone would come, then!
Girl 2: You're right, who doesn't like Hailey!?
Girl 3: No one.
#beautiful #sexy #lovable #amazing #loving #caring #kind #gorgeous #tough #fun #funny #witty #don't let her go #don't let them go #awesome #fun-loving #cute #tall #insecure
by TroubledPromises January 14, 2013
so , hailey is THEEEEEE shiiiet . (: people like to call her a bitch because they are jealous , but she doesnt care cause typically hailey's dont mind what people say about them ! cause they know they are amazing people and that those shit talkers just wanna be heeeer .<3 she has biiiig boobs , and gets hit on a lot . and she isn't shhhhy , she loves to talk to new people like hot boys because she knows she can (: but she isn't conceited about it , quite modeeest ! big butt , nice asian haaair , so , yeeeah . <3 she is perfect .. &nd the beeest fckn girlfriend EVVVVVVVVVVER . typically ,. this is what " hailey's " areee !
duuuude , i met a guuurl named hailey taaaday , and she gave me a boner CAAUUUSE sheee's so god damn amazing . (:
#sexual appealing #smart #funny #classic #beautiful #amazing #gorgeous #stunning #happpppy !
by joshua areeeee ! . <3 August 13, 2010
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