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A word that is spreading across the internet, usually in chat rooms, as a new way to say hello, or hi. It is not just for gays.
"Hai Danny! I haven't seen you in forever!"
by Meggy/Phaedra16 December 27, 2009
11 5
2. In Cantonese hai (Traditional Chinese: 屄 or 閪; jyutping: hai1) is a common vulgar word that literally means vagina. The English equivalent is "cunt". The Chinese character 屄 consists of two parts: the upper part is 尸 that means "body" while the bottom part 穴 means "a hole". The Chinese character thus literally means a "hole at the bottom of the body". A common usage is the phrase so hai (..) that may be translated as "dickhead". Since the character _ is pronounced as "bi" in standard Mandarin, the phrase is sometimes written as "B".

part one
"hai in cantonese" lol
by Johnny Babee April 18, 2008
12 7
Malaysian hi.
Very annoying in IRC. Should be auto-banned + computer seized.
00:00<malaysian_fool> HAI CTC?!
by Jephz0r December 05, 2004
51 50
gay way of saying hi or hey
Hai hun
by chay February 09, 2012
3 3
Cute way to say Hi.
Looks so cute compared to the regular, hi or hello.

Usually used for typing, but can also be said outloud. (H-i-ah)
Person1: Hey, What's up?
Person2: Hai. I'm good, what about you?
by MEOW?!?!?!?! November 21, 2011
1 1
A cooler way to say hi or hello. Originates from an Asian culture.
You: Hai guys

Guys: Hey Brittany (she's so cool!!!)
by Zebra Girl December 20, 2009
6 6
A FOBby way of saying "hi" or "hello"
hai myslf jagdeep. . . ! ! ! ! 1 1 wanna b frensz?????
by Ariaxxx November 15, 2010
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