An asian who is not good at normal asian activities.
Man, Hai sucks at math.
by jon February 12, 2004
2. In Cantonese hai (Traditional Chinese: 屄 or 閪; jyutping: hai1) is a common vulgar word that literally means vagina. The English equivalent is "cunt". The Chinese character 屄 consists of two parts: the upper part is 尸 that means "body" while the bottom part 穴 means "a hole". The Chinese character thus literally means a "hole at the bottom of the body". A common usage is the phrase so hai (..) that may be translated as "dickhead". Since the character _ is pronounced as "bi" in standard Mandarin, the phrase is sometimes written as "B".

part one
"hai in cantonese" lol
by Johnny Babee April 18, 2008
Cute way to say Hi.
Looks so cute compared to the regular, hi or hello.

Usually used for typing, but can also be said outloud. (H-i-ah)
Person1: Hey, What's up?
Person2: Hai. I'm good, what about you?
by MEOW?!?!?!?! November 21, 2011
Malaysian hi.
Very annoying in IRC. Should be auto-banned + computer seized.
00:00<malaysian_fool> HAI CTC?!
by Jephz0r December 05, 2004
Hai is the spelling for 'Hi' used by children under twenty years of age who are trying to appear more Japanese but unknowingly don't realize it already means 'yes' in Japanese.
Western kid: Hai! I like Naruto.

Japanese guy: そうですか?
by ayono October 19, 2012
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