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1.Something Lil Wayne does in his songs, for some reason

2. usually used in online chatrooms or social sites, indicates laughter

3. a phrase meaning "the previous statement was a LIE."

4. a phrase exaggerating laughter, often used in online chatrooms and social sites, used sarcastically.
1. In Down, for example (Jay Sean),

Jay Sean: down, down, down, down, down, dowwwwwn

Lil Wayne in background: hahahahahahahahahaha

2. Joe: GUESS WHAT!!!111!!!!!!1

Bob: what?!

Joe: CHICKEN BUTT! hahahahahahahahahaha

Bob: wow, you're gay and I hate you! :)

<Bob is offline>

3. Beatrice: Hi, I'm dead. Literally. Did you know there's wifi internet access in my coffin?! Wow!

Betsy: hey! How are you?

Beatrice: I'm alive! hahahahahahahahahaha

4. D-bag123: you're a fucking cunt. Go to hell, douche.

GayAsHell456: hahahahahahahahahaha Christ you're one funny bitch. Asshole. Go fuck yourself.

<GayAsHell456 has logged off.>
by Hello Operator April 10, 2010
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