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When you're not sure wether to put hahaha or haha. You hope the person will take it either way. Many would think there is not a big difference between hahaha and haha but they are wrong. Haha is more of an unnecessary pause while hahaha signifies a joke was said that was actually worth a chuckle. Hahah is a good compromise for the indecisive.
Guy 1: Hey, so I totally hooked up with your mom last night.
Guy 2: Hahah, no way.
by Henry Wadsworth Longpants January 18, 2011
1. Yes
2. Also a mistyping of hahaha, although the first one is the most commonly used and msot understoof version, and the version when people say it thats what they mean.
P1: Will you hook up with Rudiger at the next party?
P2: hahah
P1: Cool!
by eddy1 May 15, 2005
The best name you can have for a bowling team
Chuck:whats your bolwing teams name?


Chuck:hahah that's funny
by RayP October 02, 2003
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