Fag#1 "Sakaki is better"
Fag#2 "Ha Ha

by seyragdickbutt August 16, 2009
a cooler way of saying lol
only badass's say haha
lol is gay
your gay
joe - "dude i just tapdanced like tony danza"

oli - "haha. i do that all the time. syke!!"
by so hardcore July 10, 2008
Web slang for laughing at a joke or comment someone posted. Not to be confused with the negative definitions posted by old web useers that find no fun in PC usage anymore and want to bring others with them, but seem to be unable to TURN THIER PC OFF.
Its haha, not ha ha. ha ha is completely different.ha ha lets ppl know you dont find it funny.
A: And when they made the patch, he was able to get on a roof in the game and cast blizzard into a group when they werent looking.
B: ha ha($%#$% is not funny)
C: haha thats funny.
D: haha that is funny.
E: bet they were lookin around for an enemy.
by Realmj December 10, 2006
It's a ditch, next to a small wall, used to keep livestock in.
I returned my sheep to their haha.
by sarah January 26, 2005
1) a word to replace the word for joke in another language
2) replaces the word joke in english
3) and abbrev. for laughter
4) to laugh or write the word "haha"
1. j'ai faire un haha. (this means i made a joke bcuz haha=joke)
2. that was a really funny haha... tell another.

3. "omg i laughed for like an hour"
"yea it was kinda funny... i was like haha"

4. {screenname}: then he told me to shove off
{screenname}: haha!
by Hamah January 06, 2006
words used when making fun of someone or at a joke
by neala December 06, 2002
When two men giving a woman on her hands and knees oral and vaginal penetration simultaneously exchange high fives.

Mike and I were giving young Jasmine a thorough seeing-too. Just prior to me feeding her some throat yogurt and him baking a cream pie we HAHA'd across her back. Oh happy times!
by G.P. The Guinea Pig December 01, 2007

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