what you say when your texting and you have nothing else to say
friend: my dog just pooped

by jblover1997 January 09, 2012
1a. a sunken fence

1b. type of boundary to a garden, pleasure-ground, or park, designed not to interrupt the view and to be invisible until closely approached.
In order to keep the lizards out of our garden, we built a ha-ha.

We didn't want a fence obstructing our view of the pasture, so we built a ha-ha instead.
by malchik_gei March 22, 2007
A boundary to a park or garden that doesn't interrupt the view.
Gee Theo! I'm delighted that the ha-ha doesn't obstruct the view of that park.
by Desomnt West April 17, 2008
Exclamatory noun. Expressing contempt and despair at someone's joke made at the expense of yourself.
John: Hey Ramesh, you calm Hindu cow!!

Ramesh: ha-ha
by TheUltimateThe May 22, 2012
A) Another way of displaying humour
B) A mocking term used in multiplayer games when a player has done something amusing.
A) "haha that was funny"
B) *Player has killed self with a grenade*
Player: oops..
Player(1): haha
by future X March 22, 2003
When one individual "laughs" on MSN, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, whatever... when he's just bored and doesn't even feel like laughing. And when what the other person says is not even funny.
"Omg! Did you hear that we're having school tomorrow?" "Hahahahahahahahahaha yes!"
by Ew. Its You. April 18, 2009
Fag#1 "Sakaki is better"
Fag#2 "Ha Ha

by seyragdickbutt August 16, 2009
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