Hot Asian Hot Asian
Mike thinks Christina Kim is a HAHA
by Boston Polito November 01, 2009
Stick your hahas out of the window!
by rawrdinosaurrawr October 16, 2008
Short way to let a person know over text that they are laughing/thought something you said was funny. It however doesn't really reflect how much they are actually laughing/how much they actually thought something you said was funny.
Haha that's awesome!
by Entity1037 January 27, 2015
Something one says when one finds something funny.
"Haha" She said, after I told her a joke.
by Greeeen Frog August 06, 2012
The new way to say "lol."
I got in a fight today...

Nice haha.
by Shocker6996 July 14, 2010
no definition here, just dont confuse it with, haHA!
haha kinda funny, but you're a jacka$$

haHA! i'm some sort of swashbuckling hero, possibly ALSO a jacka$$.
by meinerweiner69 March 29, 2010
1a. a sunken fence

1b. type of boundary to a garden, pleasure-ground, or park, designed not to interrupt the view and to be invisible until closely approached.
In order to keep the lizards out of our garden, we built a ha-ha.

We didn't want a fence obstructing our view of the pasture, so we built a ha-ha instead.
by malchik_gei March 22, 2007

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