Stick your hahas out of the window!
by rawrdinosaurrawr October 16, 2008
Originated in 1805 at the Battle of Trafalgar. Admiral Lord Nelson, only minutes away from trashing Napoleon's grand fleet, managed to get himself shot. As he lay dying, he tried to whisper something to his buddy Hardy. But since he was dying all he could say was Ha...Ha...
Lord Nelson: Liek, OMG I got shot! Ha-Ha!
Hardy: OMG he almost arksed me to kiss him.
Bystanders: OMG OMG!!!
Hardy: HA-HA!
by crow1670 February 04, 2009
The new way to say "lol."
I got in a fight today...

Nice haha.
by Shocker6996 July 14, 2010
no definition here, just dont confuse it with, haHA!
haha kinda funny, but you're a jacka$$

haHA! i'm some sort of swashbuckling hero, possibly ALSO a jacka$$.
by meinerweiner69 March 29, 2010
The most fucking annoying four letters in the whole goddamn world.
Person 1: hi haha
Person 1: the movie was good haha
Person 1: im eating fucking ramen right now and no one cares haha
Person 2: If you say "haha" one more fucking time I'm going to buttrape you with a cast-iron cactus HAHA
by FappyMcAnus January 25, 2014
Something one says when one finds something funny.
"Haha" She said, after I told her a joke.
by Greeeen Frog August 06, 2012
what you say when your texting and you have nothing else to say
friend: my dog just pooped

by jblover1997 January 09, 2012

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