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A hagel is a ham bagel. There is subtle irony in this.
Me: Duuudddeeee, I'm fuggin starving.
Drk: You should have ate that hagel.
by xtonyx May 14, 2007
When a female snorts a line of cocaine off of a male's fully erect wang
1. That bitch just hageled me before we did the dirty
2. Suzanne surprised John with a hagel on saturday night
by JPMRMPSNBSH December 28, 2007
Hag·el Hag-el verb, hag·eled, hag·eling, noun
verb (used with object)
1. to take benefits from (a soldier, person, business, etc.) lose out of money or other earned assets.
2. to make cheapen or lose out by deceit
verb (used without object)
3. to put forward credible schemes to cheat others out of benefits ; misappropriate. noun
4. an act of theft or a deceitful dealings or falsehood.
5. anything dishonorable; a faker: "This promotion is a real Hagel."

2013 - present; Hagel is the last name of the 2013 to ???? United States Secretary of Defense Charles Timothy "Chuck" Hagel former “enlisted” Vietnam veteran who became a politician. Chuck Hagel suggested cutting military benefits and at the same time awarding multi-billion dollar awards to defense contractors. Do-nothing person, promoter of unsound plan of action, cheat, defraud, tantamount to haggle theft.

Related forms
Hag·el·a·ble, adjective
Hag·eler, noun
Hag·eling·ly, adverb
out·hag·el, verb (used with object), out·hag·eled, out·hag·eling.
I was about to retire with full medical benefits when I was hagel-ed out of them because the company needed to purchase a new office building.

A street vendor tried to sell me a hagel ipod that had a cracked screen.

The predatory lender made a hagelable deal by overcharging ignorant home owner.

John Doe is a hageler who convinced over 100 people to invest in a ponzi scheme.

The hagelingly attitude of the stock brokers cost investors millions of dollars.
by Veteran benefits August 16, 2013
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