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1. this is the feeling you get right as you wave at someone who you thought was waving at you... but was really waving at the person behind you.

2. the joy of $40 chuck taylors at footlocker.

3. the sound a falling tree makes in the woods when no one is listening.

4. when a bank has many people arriving to get there money, but not quite going full speed. see also a "jog on the bank".

5. the man assigned to scrape bird poop off the park benches.

6. prostitute with one arm picked last who specializes in llama training during the daytime while continuously saying "environment" folled by a buzzing sound for no apparent reason.

7. Someone who has more than 3 dreams about drugs. this may be but not limited to dreams about babysitting kids who smoke pot out of kraft singles.
1. Crap i thought he was waving at me... Oh my i feel an intense feeling of hagardinop.

2. "I should get some Chuck Taylors"... "40 dollars at footlocker!!!!!!"

3. "hear that?" "no." "Thats hagardinop bay ba"

4. Quick go to the bank before the money is gone, but not too fast.

5. Man you have a worse job than a hagardinop.

6. "Why did you pick the hagardinop?" "no one knows. know one knows."

7. Wait, you had a dream about what? hagardinop. thats all i have to say about that.
by Chuck barley April 04, 2008
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