Top Definition
hagard-adj. looking old, or worn out. in a state of sloppyness.
wow, did you see john's shirt? that shit was so hagard
by Partyboy983 February 27, 2005
When someone leaves their facebook or myspace account logged-in and another person posts a photo or video of Sammy Hagar in attempts to make that person look like a complete tool. Good for use in an office environment when lewd photos are not permitted.
"I forgot to log out of Facebook and I totally got Hagar'd!"
by Seattle Lucky Devil November 30, 2010
horrible a state of horidness
when something goes the way you don't want it too
something gay

something really ugly
damn that shit was hagard

damn that bitch was hagard
by gsjkd;ghsdkghs June 10, 2008
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