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Completely, unapologetically awesome, but with a hint of the absurd.
"Jeff's new surfboard is totally hagar."

"I saw this Garfield piggybank at the flea market. It was pretty hagar, but not worth six bucks."

"That clown you hired for Kelly's birthday party was absolutely hagar, dude."
by Jaina July 17, 2008
Something, someone, or an action that is REALLY cute :D
Dude, did you see Blaine and Carly today? They're totally the most hagar people I've EVER seen.
by peanutbutterchairs May 12, 2011
1. A cartoon viking : "Hagar the Horrible"

2. An average looking guy that can please many women.
How the hell did that guy get that girl?!

He must be a Hagar.
by APH January 15, 2007
a figure of speech

when one compares another to a piece of poop or caca
My sister used a Hagar today when she got mad at me for not helping her with math homework.
by fsanjak January 20, 2011
One who feels a strong attraction and/or attachment towards a very old person. Word created by Ellina Z. and defined by Derek T.
Adan realized how much of a hagar he was after visiting a nursery home.
by EllinaTwigg August 17, 2009
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