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(people use this when schools out and they want to wish them a good summer)

Have A Good Summer
hey u have been such a good frend so H.A.G.S.
by STARBUCK'S COFFEE June 28, 2005
21 21
A loser with no life
Earrol is a hag
by #coolkid June 17, 2014
0 1
Hot Asian Girlfriend. A commonly used complimentary term in Sydney's gay community for good looking asian chicks who go out with a straight white guy. Not to be confused with a 'fag hag'.
Who is that chick with your brother? That is his HAG.
by Bee-artch May 21, 2011
18 19
A hefty girl who looks like she was once good looking and could achieve that status again if she would Hit A Gym.
-"Damn, freshman fifteen put her to shame."

"She's a Hag for sure."
by NoPathos December 05, 2010
17 19
When smoking a spliff (a marijuana/tobacco cigarette), you do not take a "hit" or take a "drag" - you take a "hag" of a spliff. The amount of time to hold in the "hag" is proportional to the marijuana to tobacco ratio. The larger the amount of weed, the longer the "hag" is held in.
Let me take a hag off of that spliff, fool.
by happyhitter June 02, 2011
17 21
Feeling hungover,sloppy,scrambling etc.
I got so wasted last night,I'm so hags this morning.
by teeter757 January 25, 2011
13 17
Hot Asian Guy
*Looks at good looking Asian male*
Damn he's a HAG
by Agent Trobit May 22, 2012
17 22