A nasty old woman
That old hag told us off for playing football in the field
by Harry69 September 27, 2010
An acronym for the term "hairy arm girl"
Hey man that chick looked like she had gorilla arms. She was a real hag
by tarnished73 December 18, 2010
Hot Asian Guy/ Hot Asian Girl

Usually referred to the pretty boy/chick verity. Often used in public as to not draw attention by said Hot Asian person.

Good for girls or boys when they realize they may be talking too loudly.
Dude, did you see that H.A.G just walk by?
by Lokiroki August 25, 2009
Acronym for the following:

1. Have a great summer
2. Have a gay summer
3. Have a good summer
1. "He was lazy so he signed the yearbook with 'H.A.G.S'"
2. "That faggot. He'll never know what 'H.A.G.S' really stands for."
3. "He wasn't really my friend so I signed his yearbook with 'h.a.g.s.'"
by Jonah H October 17, 2005
Hot Asian Girlfriend. A commonly used complimentary term in Sydney's gay community for good looking asian chicks who go out with a straight white guy. Not to be confused with a 'fag hag'.
Who is that chick with your brother? That is his HAG.
by Bee-artch May 21, 2011
HAGS- the worst kind of STD. It is a combination of herpes, AIDS, goneria, and syphilis. Usually contracted through sexual intercourse with a prostitute or someone who's name starts with A.
Dude, i had sex with that chick Allison got the HAGS! Fuck.
by konnerfinch November 15, 2009
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