A life force succubus male/female better known as a type of ghost that peels their skin and lays over the chest of it’s prey. According to legend in the Carolina’s, the succubus will visit you in the night time hours and return to their skin at dawn. Also know as Jacobs Hr.(the hr just before dawn breaks). The old wise tale is you can take a shaker of salts and put it by your night table when you sleep. They are also known to such the necks of their victims, eventually stealing their life force after one to many visits form them. Then when the hag comes to visit you then putting his/her torrid skinless soul all over you body, look at the top of your salts. If you see a small speck of black on top of the jar, that is the Hag! Put the black spec inside the salt container and throw it over your right shoulder. This is supposed to be one method of trapping a hag and killing it. They say the best way for catching one though is to boil them in hot oil, if you can catch one! Also put a bible by your front door. Hags can slip threw cracks in windows and doors of your home. The hag will then flip threw the pages as you watch and return to it’s skin again at Jacob’s Hr.

Margie Willis Clary is an amazing author of Spirits and Legends of the SC Sea Islands and has recorded accounts of the Hag and a story of it. She also states in her book that if you place a broom by your door the hag will count the straws of the broom before dawn.
A hag, like and other ghost is a lost soul that haunts for a purpose. The hag is a creature that comes for your life force! Beware! Most infamously known as females, but that’s not truth at all. Male spirits are also hags themselves. So keep your salts close and watch your brooms. Leave a Good book by the table for when that hag comes for you.
A shady friend is also a form of hag! They come for a part of your life they wish was theirs and will stop at nothing to take that part of you for them selves at no matter what the cost.

You sir/ma’am are a hag!
Too many visits from that hag and she’ll suck the life right out of you man!
Too many visits from that hag and he’ll peel his skin to bleed all over you is that what you want?
A hag will be a hag and only come for your life and what you cherish the most.

A Hag is torrid!
A Hag is wanting!
A Hag will never show you their true skin!
What I should do is paint my “windows” i.e. PC, lap top, Desktop, haint (indigo) blue for you. The next time you try and enter my cracks it will destroy you!
Top Definition
An unattractive, middle-aged (or slightly older) woman. The term is commonly used to describe hysterical or ugly women in positions of power.
"I'll get you my little pretty, and your little dog too!" - Wicked Witch Of The West
by JM December 16, 2004

A rabid Jennifer Aniston fan or Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt hater.

Also called a Chin Hag.

by HagsRUs December 08, 2006
A single female that has a gay, male best friend. Source: Will and Grace
Hag number 23 you are gonna have to control your homo.
by Vicky November 15, 2004
Acronym for "Have a Great Summer" used by people who still want to write in your yearbook despite the fact that they don't actually know you well enough to say anything personal.
"HAGS! -Sara"

"Man, I just got hagged by this stupid bitch I barely know. I regret letting her sign my yearbook."
by BrandonBri May 23, 2008
A mean, spiteful old woman that likes to constantly reprimand/torture the younger portion of the human race. Usually associated with witches and strict librarians.
"That old hag kicked me out just 'cause I was talking to Johnny about my project!"
by The Eavesdropper February 18, 2008
High Altitude Gas Syndrome
2 days after arriving at my ski chalet, I had HAGS non stop!
by CW CO October 21, 2013
The nonsensical use of the term "HAGS - have a great summer" used by many in elementary/middleschool to express feelings of I barely care for you. This use of the word persists of two literal definitions:

1.) "This place fucking sucks and I'm leaving..."
2.) You (directed at an unwanted individual) in an attempt to make said person leave the place of party
HAGS can also be used in the past, present, and future tense.
1.) Dude I just missed out on my chance to tap that gymnast chick, so I'm gonna go ahead and drive home drunk...HAGS!"
2.) Frank you just knocked over my antique Thomas the Train 1st edition set, fuck off and HAGS..bitch
by Adamuss May 24, 2009
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