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Japanese term for a person who is half Japanese.
Hafus are considered sex icons in Japan.
by hairlessbeachape May 22, 2005
have a fucked up summer.
jess wrote to the ugly boy in her 6th grade class H.A.F.U.S!!!!
#have #a #fucked #up #summer #ok
by jennifer134332_dfgh September 30, 2008
(hey foo)
noun - abbreviation for hate fuck
"grr, i wanna hafu him!"


"look at her hair! she looks like she just got hafud"


she was so pleased, she was clueless to the hafuing.

#hate fucked #fucked #made love to angrily #had agressive sex with #copulated with resentment under the guise of vigor
by generally September 14, 2007
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