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In ancient methology, hafsa was used to describe one as a genius. Now it is rarely used, however, in some popular ancient pieces it can be found. The part of a hafsa also has to be pretty intellectual and also carry good looks.
Everything went wrong. There was no one to help. Then Julius Ceasar knew of one person he thought could save the day. Her name was Hafsa. She was smart, she was cunning, she was HAFWOMAN!
by Tek123 July 27, 2007
The word hafsa is used to describe 'awesomeness,sexiness and hotness'. this is an arabic word which usually is for females which are tall and beautiful! it is also used for a caring, loving and a very helpful person.
woaw! Hafsa is so beautiful
by truestory12345 July 19, 2013
It is an arabic name. The real meaning of this name is 'little lioness'. People with this name are brave and strong. They have a very sharp intelligence. Friendship means everything to them. They actually are very kind and polite until you annoy them or hurt them. They don't care what people think of them. Their personality is sometimes very confusing which makes them more noticeable and attractive. They have a great sense of humour. They also have a good fashion sense. Last but not the least, they are usually very hot, sexy and beautiful.
"She is so confusing! I think she is Hafsa. "
by hotcocoa May 09, 2015
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