Hadoolin is a very versatile word it can be used for anything you wna tit can be pretty much any part of speach it derives form old 2d fighter games where players often yell hadookin when they are shooting balls of kinetic energy. it has most recently come into use by the juneau horse team members. but you can sue it as an exclamtion which is the most common form or can be used as a suffix prefix or any type of ix. often times only part of the word is used (i.e. dookin).
HADOOKIN! How coudl I miss that shot

Dude that chick was so dookin

Do you want to come hadook with me

I hadookinly ran down the street

other uses
hadookingga n.
ha-superdookin exc
hadookadookin exc
hanookadookin v.
hashootadookin v.
#tight #awesome #greatness #sup #money #biatch
by zippsta May 03, 2006
Top Definition
Hadookin is the battle cry of Thomas. This battle cry will save your life
Thomas ( being shot on xbox live): HADOOKIN
Arnold: Man I can't believed that worked
#adjective #battle cry #awesomeness #smurf #sayings
by NinjaReaper September 13, 2007
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