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very handsome person, amazing at sexual intercourse, all round nice human being.
hadi meaning - guiding to the right, leader, calm.
by red_13 February 04, 2010
216 61
An amazing Individual, loved by all.
Usually has bigger ears than most people but a bigger wee-wee to compensate.

Girls are almost always on Hadis.
Ain't no one messes with Hadis, the Hadis have their own body guards.
Another synonym of Badass.
Has a dynamite, 10,000 Watt smile.

Once you're hooked, the smile reels you in and YOU IS done.
Person 1 : Hot damn nigga, that nigga is a Hadi to the max.
Person 2 : I'd give him head for fun !
Person 1 : ... nigga... well, woord me too.
Person 2 : yeaaah. ^_^
Person 1 : That nigga's Badass
by hottstuff. June 20, 2010
151 48
The Prince Of Fallingbrook =)
Hadi is sooooooooooooo loved by everyone
by _his servant =) March 29, 2005
135 62
The Prince of Fallingbrook.
All hail prince Hadi
by =) March 29, 2005
118 65
The biggest lady EVER. Hes the exact opposite of a "Harmeet" he often orders lady's dishes in restaurants.
pollo con pesto for hadii, spice chicken paneer for the HARMEEEET.
by budman217 November 08, 2010
10 73
V. When you poke someone in the butt with your index finger.
I just totally Hadi'd you.
by Liz Hall February 04, 2005
101 168
a connotation that means homosexual.
Man that was pretty hadi.
by longballin24 April 15, 2010
24 103