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haddis = have this. slang used by CJ in the videogame GTA: San Andreas.
"Ay can I "haddis"?" -quote by CJ in gta: san andreas.
by Jswift the master July 03, 2006
Haddi is the urban name of Legends in Iceland.
For centuries Halli has been a prime name for normal people but in the early 90's a new pronounciation arose.
Haddi was and is used for the better looking breed.
Haddi is also said to be short for various names.
Haddi is and will uphold its statue since the increase in use has staggered in the last 10 years.
Halli is a nice name.
But as Haddi is THE name.

Damn that Haddi is hot! seriously what a nice guy!
by Hallvardur August 31, 2010