What you say to pretend you are doing a lot of work when someone comes in and asks what you are doing, when you're really just slacking off or surfing the web (reading UrbanDictionary.com).
P1: Hey dude, what are you doing?
P2: (turns to computer and starts to furiously type) Can't talk right now, I'm busy hacking the Matrix.
by PJPlayer1 March 22, 2006
Top Definition
verb or action.

1. Any complex task, often that requires monumental manual dexterity. ALT: Can be used sarcasticlly when a task is so easy that even an idiot can complete it.

2. When a person types really fast, often in a faux important or funny way.
1. Can I get my cup of black coffee now!? I mean, I'm not asking you to hack the Matrix or anything.

2. Person A: Dude, he looks like he's really doing a lot of work.
Person B: Yeah, you'd think he was hacking the Matrix the way he's typing.
by PJPlayer1 March 22, 2006
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