Japanese for 86. hatch meaning 8 and roku meaning 6. mostly used for the auto mobile known to americans as the 1986 Toyota Corrola.
wow, look at that hachi-roku drift!
by pappa hatchi March 05, 2005
Top Definition
The japanese term for Toyota Trueno Gt-Apex. Chassis code is AE86 (the term 86 is not because of its year model but the chassis)
A popular drift car for its light-weight rear wheel drive set up.

Also appears in Initial D. It is a story of a kid named Takumi who delivers tofu at night by taking his father, Bunta's Hachi-roku out. Because of takumi's skill in downhill touge he quickly finds himself in the mountain street racing prefectures of gunma.
Takumi mastered the downhill drifting in Bunta's Hachi-Roku
by Beanbag12 April 18, 2005
translates to "86", used to describe rear wheel drive toyota corolla chassis code AE86, popularized by the anime series "initial D", now used to describe base and SR-5 models on Ebay in an attempt to sell a nearly worthless car as a "hachiroku drifter"
Ricer1: man i scored this hachiroku on ebay for just $5000! and it almost runs!
Ricer2: DAMN DAWG, you're gonna be the best drifter in kansas!
by Toad A.K.A. Momma he's scary January 13, 2005
A Japanese phrase that literally means "Eight Six"; as opposed to "Hachi Ju Roku" which would be the correct way of saying "Eighty Six"

In North America the phrase is used by posers to describe rear wheel drive Corollas built between 1985 and 1987.
I wish I had a hachi roku so I could drift like an initial d, I also wish I was a Jap, and not a virgin.
by FRStar April 01, 2007
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