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when someone spells "hacker" wrong.

you know, like in CS....
" ZOMG11!1!one your such a fucking hacer!2111eleven!!"
by LaMbDa April 12, 2005
6 44
Intentional leet-speak variant of the word "hacker" or the verb "to hack." Popularized in the mid- to late-90's throughout the underground AOL and Hotline circuit by two individuals known only as binary and usum.
That kid was such a hacer he'd hace you four times before you even knew your 14kbps globvill was on.
by hotlinesoldier March 06, 2007
41 12
The spanish infinitive "to do."
Yo quiero hacer su madre. (I want to do your mom.)
by kat March 22, 2005
23 37
Derived from the misspelling of the word "hacker", hacer is a way to call someone a hacker in a joking way.

Hax = Hace

Hacking = Hacing

A random gamer: "Wow, nice k/d ratio, you must be a hacer :P".
by Zaroth May 23, 2010
2 17