when someone spells "hacker" wrong.

you know, like in CS....
" ZOMG11!1!one your such a fucking hacer!2111eleven!!"
by LaMbDa April 12, 2005
Top Definition
Intentional leet-speak variant of the word "hacker" or the verb "to hack." Popularized in the mid- to late-90's throughout the underground AOL and Hotline circuit by two individuals known only as binary and usum.
That kid was such a hacer he'd hace you four times before you even knew your 14kbps globvill was on.
by hotlinesoldier March 06, 2007
Derived from the misspelling of the word "hacker", hacer is a way to call someone a hacker in a joking way.

Hax = Hace

Hacking = Hacing

A random gamer: "Wow, nice k/d ratio, you must be a hacer :P".
by Zaroth May 23, 2010
The spanish infinitive "to do."
Yo quiero hacer su madre. (I want to do your mom.)
by kat March 22, 2005
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