israeli slang for lover, boyfriend, girlfriend, friends w/benefits, etc.
gaby, dude(guy pointing to friend's girlfriend) your habibi is soo hot
(girlfriend talking to boyfriend on phone)hey habibi,last night was insane
by gaby pearlman December 10, 2005
People around me (NYC) use as a derogatory word to refer to people from india.
Ex: "Look at those stinky habibis over there"
by crazykat, NYC October 16, 2008
Habibi, otherwise known as Jesus, graced this earth in his second coming on November 26th, 1985. He resides currently in Austin, TX under the alias Habibi.

When ready, he shall unleash upon all those who do not follow his creed.

Also a term of endearment in Arabic.
Oh crap, it's Habibi, RUN!
by Habibi December 19, 2004
i dont knoe if dis is just some straight up new york shit or what. not like it matters cause new york city is da best fuckin city eva and da only place worth livin den da ATL.

Anywayz.... it means a deli or boudega owned by an arabic guy or it could just mean da arabic guy who owns da deli.
yo i wanna go 2 habibi and get a bacon egg and cheese
by new york city's one and only chino February 27, 2006
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