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Used when calling names at people (they are usually kids) who use to set up and play Habbo retros, the illegal private servers of Habbo Hotel, a kind of chatbox with virtual rooms and virtual furniture.

The habbotards are usually in the age 12-14.
Often have played RuneScape before 'exploring the world of Habboons'.
Habbotards appear to get a hardy of seeing pixelated furniture and 'coins', which they use to buy virtual furniture for their virtual room on the Habbo private server. (a 'retro')

Habbotards have barely any knowledge about what they are doing, they are following other peoples tutorials which are put on forums such as RaGEZONE.

Those tutorials have titles like '(TUT) (NOOB-FRIENDLY) (SET UP HABBO RETRO IN 10 MINUTES)', which exactly shows the low-level knowledge required for setting up a 'Habboon nest', basic computer knowledge and overall noobness.
However, Habbotards like spamming each other's threads and calling each other noob.

Often called a Habboon, but Habbotard is pretty regular too.
Matthew: 'Omg omg Nick come look! I have made my own Habbo Hotel! You can get free coins if you come to my room! Currently there are only me and my little sister playing on it but please invite all the persons on your messenger's list! I have also made a site but I don't know what portforwarding is.'
Nick: 'Go away habbotard, go do something with your life.'
by DerHase April 18, 2008
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A contraction of "Habbo retard". It's used to define a person or group of people who play in a popular chat called "Habbo Hotel", they are usually internet losers who must mask the fact that they don't have their own personality or social life.
by elbux April 21, 2007
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A Habbotard it someone who is seen to be adicted to the online game Habbo Hotel.

The word origianaly came from forums.

The word it also a play on the word Retard.
"Go back to Habbo you Habbotard!"
by Rzlosty May 08, 2008
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A habbotard is a massive fag who only play's Habbo and has no knowledge of doing anything but playing on Habbo. By playing, we mean going to adoption centers and claiming to be a baby. These usaully come from forums after there 2 rubber ducks on Habbo were stolen. There vry dangerous people and Habbotardastius is very catchy.

Stay away from people with Habbotardastius.

These people don't have any social life and are probably on Habbo or Habbo Retros to try and get more furni. These Habbotards will only have rubber ducks and z shelfs.
'OMG, i got scam a rubber duck at a sino.' They will then go and find retros and beg for staff. This is a habbotard.
by habbotardISnotME December 02, 2012
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