A game vaguely similar to The Sims + a chatroom.

Although looked down on by many, it's not that bad. You don't HAVE to spend money on Habbo to enjoy it, seeing as you register for free, and you can still have your own homepage/access to any room/have your pixel look like anything you want.

There's two kind of rooms - Public and Guest. Public rooms are made by Habbo themselves, Guest rooms are made by Habbo players.

Guest rooms are often mini communities of many kinds. Military simulations, gang simulations, police simulations, chill rooms, etc.

There are around 50 or so different kinds of Habbo, each is based on a certain country, most people being in that 'Hotel are from such a country, although you get the odd "foreigner" (i.e. mostly Americans on Habbo USA, but there's also British and Canadians). The four English speaking ones are:

Habbo UK
Habbo USA
Habbo Canada
Habbo Australia

I used to play Habbo a lot in 2006 and 2007, but quit in 2008 after getting bored.

Former Habbo US user.
by TehCutiOnary January 24, 2009
A game where you find a virtual relationship, meant for eleven or over people. You can create a virtual family, have affairs, become an addict. Here is your average Habbo day.
Average Habbo Room Activities
hotbitch82:*licks dick*
jImBo00:aggghhhhhh!! *rubs butttt*
hotbitch82: BLUGGAFA8FWQ8RF7W8 *goes harder*
leonalewisluva:jimbo!!!!! nooooooooo!!! what da fuck!?

Freak: OK, I'll bet you six rare furni for 50 Creds?
timmeh: Right, I'll Get You My Coins.
by Nooboob January 03, 2010
A sad game in which teenagers and pedophiles go onto. I used to play habbo but it was shit the site is mainly used for e-bf and e-gf's
Habbo girl: H3110 GUYSZ!
Habbo Boy: Lets have sex yh
Habbo girl: kk asl please
Habbo boy: oh um 14
Habbo girl: kk same ere g3t in da bed!

The habbo boy was actualy 35.
by Secretly Posted August 28, 2009
habbo is a social networking thing were teens with no friends and no lifes go to make friends have cyber S3% pretend to be babies have gf's and bf's with other teens all over the world
u want an expale?? www.habbo.com

go through your life away
by ohshit!! June 27, 2009
Habbo is good for the soul.
I'm gonna go play Habbo so God loves me!
by the Habbo September 03, 2008
A user controlled character/avatar featured on habbohotel.com

see also habbo hotel
"You must respect the habbo highway code."
"Habbo nice day!"
by dw March 23, 2003
A virtual hotel where you can come and hang out with the new friends you will make.

You can also make friends and furni by playing games and stuff.
Check into habbo hotel today!
My habbo is rich
by stephanie quell October 14, 2006

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