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a 50x better virtual hotel than habbo. instead of having to spend 50 bucks on a retarded card that gives you 100 "credits", you get free credits that can buy all of the origional stuff for FREE! and because most of habbo retro users are usually pissed off at shitty habbo, they go to seperate places, making it easier to acually TALK to people instead of having to join their "army" or "mafia" that use annoying raids where you run into another room and keep on filling the room with speech bubbles...
but anyway since its a small community its MUCH easier to connect with sensable people. and if its small enough you can acually join the staff and actually do something to get rid of braty little wankers. but because most people can be a staff member you get into fights about people abusing rights and yadda yadda yadda

all in all, just stay away from habbo and habbo retros
i just saved a bundle by switching to a HABBO RETRO!
by ballcheeze May 18, 2010
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Habbo retros are cheap remakes of habbo that are either

A. A lesser version of Habbo
B. Don't work

People who grow up using Habbo retros often believe that in the real world they don't have to work for money.
Bob: Hey I use Habbo retros.

Carl: Um, ok. I use the original Habbo. Wanna go to the mall and buy things?

Bob: No, that's ok. I used all my money and I'm still waiting for the government to give me money.
by ChemicalBee December 22, 2008
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