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The onomatopoeia which refers to the sound produced by wiggling the tongue from the upper lip to the lower in rapid repetition. Originally created to re-enact an overzealous kiss. Modified to represent anything that is desirable, or thus, lickable/likeable.
If you see an attractive person, the motion of "habble-ing" (in their direction or towards a friend) would indicate you think they merit positive tongue-involving activities.
by marie November 25, 2003
To be confused, baffled, or frustrated.
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to habble you with my long speech."

"That book was way too complex for me, I'm downright habbled!"

"All of the facts mixed together, ultimately habbling poor Joe."

<slang> "C'mon, don't hab the poor guy!"
by The Florida Wolf November 20, 2006
Just "Habble." Sometimes used as a greeting between members of a certain cult.
If I told you any more it could lead to like, the apocolypse or something. And we don't want THAT.
Habble !
by Art Vandelay March 13, 2003