Originated in Springfield, Virginia. A way to say hello, or can also be said when extremely happy. You can also use this term when you feel the need to be completely random, or when you want to tell someone to chill out.
Example One:
A: "What's good, sahn?"
B: "Haaagendazzzzz!"

Example Two:
A: "You made the shot!"
B: "Haaagendazzzzz!"

Example Three:
A: "Hello class, today we will be learning abou-"
B: "Haaagendazzzz!!!"

Example Four:
A: "Man, I'm so blown! :"
B: "Haagendaz yo. Haagendaz."
by TheHaagendazMan November 04, 2009
Top Definition
synonymous with life
haagen dazs? more like haagen dAWESOME!!!!!
by Dudley D May 11, 2008
icecream with the most fascinating name of all time, and all people from scandanavia should be renamed with this title.
me: hey guy from sweden, why isn't your name haagen dazs?

guy from sweden: you dumb fuck. please die
by jar of idiot August 26, 2008
Kick ass ice cream of all time. Made with real ingredients but expensive as hell.
Lets go get some Haagen Dazs at the Glendale Galleria.
by Yukester November 19, 2007
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