Like lol, it is meant to convey a laugh in texting and instant messaging, but unlike lol, you must actually have laughed before typing it. It also implies more confident laughter.

Basically it's a way to say lol, without having to say lol. It's great.
Text: After drinking last night, I had to throw up. So I tried to make it to the sink, but ended up puking on the linoleum floor, slipping in it, and falling down into a pool of my own vomit.

Response: Ha!
by Bryguy27 July 29, 2009
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awknowledgement of someones comment or joke, but indicating it wasn't funny.
John: I love girls that wear their PJs all day long, it's like they are ready to jump in bed at a moments notice.
Jack: ha
by Do.g October 11, 2005
what lil wayne always says in the middle of his songs
and we at your neck like a violin, HA!
by j-rob mad fresh April 12, 2010
When you say or type "ha" the general understanding is that you "had a little laugh", because the joke wasn't any good or interesting, but the actual thing that is in your mind when saying or typing it is "how annoying..." ("ha" is used as acronym)
Teenager:Oh, man you just gotta see my supersweet and funny CrAzY FrOg TOY!
Person 1: ha...
by Dear Deer August 09, 2008
the most ghetto-est way to say "her."
Look at ha walking, thankin' she crute.
by anjaaaay October 15, 2010
some times used to show amusement.
sometimes used to show that what the person is saying, doing, trying to do,or asking is complete unresonable on your standards.
Person 1:I am going to make the honor roles
Person 2:HA!
by mirgine December 27, 2007
Hot as shit. also can be typed as has.
Timmy: daaaaammmnnn that girl is so H.A.S
by biddiestat June 01, 2011

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