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Spelled Highrie, the defintion comes from the booming Southern California pot-smoking scene of the mid-2000's. hIghRie is
simply another word for high or irie, hence hIghRie. Ganja followers have long been known to combine words or jumble
letters (poke smot) so it comes as no surprise that High and Irie were eventually combined.
12:05 PM
Rontel: Jamal you got any herb for a lunch sesh.

Jamal: Yeh I got uh few bowls uh some gran daddy koo.

Rontel: Ah you ferreal Jamal?

Jamal: Yeh you got anything to burn outta

Rontel: Yeh I got a bub.

Jamal: We gonna get hIghRie.....
by Andrew(adubfour20)Watt July 31, 2008

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