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A legal device created by the State Department to replace American software people with temporary workers from other countries (usually Indians). American software companies love workers with H1B visas because they will come here to work for dirt wages in sweat-shop conditions.
A manufacturer of barcode readers up in Everett, WA shit-canned 150 American programmers, replacing them with 150 Indians here on H1B visas -- the scum
by Bloodystocking November 27, 2007
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A temporary visa issued to a foreign worker to legally work in the United States, usually high-tech jobs. The visas are often abused by unscrupulous corporations to replace more expensive American workers. They usually justify this by creating artificial job shortages. An H-1B visa holder will almost always work for much less and is usually less qualified, and does not mind being sodomized by their corporate overlords. Usually they will continue to stay and hold the job long after the visa has expired.
Microsoft often issues H-1B visas.
by Prodadad November 10, 2009

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