Houston, a rather Large town just outside Texas. It ain't IN Texas, only cuz there's Nothing Texas about it. Buncha Drugstore Cowboys live there (all hat, no cattle). And 2, maybe 3 Very coo people, who would (should) be in A-Town, only they either:
Be in H-Town fo dem Gentle Bens, or
Got no A-Game (hence they lack the coo to be in A-Town)
Baton Rouge Bill: Man, whatchu doin here in H-town ? You one sharp cat !
Ben's Best Bud: Ketchit, foo - I'm only here fo the year, cuz I knock down 43 by the hour here, n in A-Town they only droppin 21 on me. Whatchu think, yo ?

Ben's Best Bud: Billy, ain't no way you comin with this weekend. You need to lock down right here in H-Town.
Baton Rouge Billy: Aw, bitch ! Why u always gotta hurt like dat ?
by Ellio_Du April 11, 2006
Slang for "Hagerstown", it is a small, hick city in Western Maryland, notorious for being small, and culturally unprepared for changes. The teenagers of "H-Town" are very embarrased of living here, and thus, most try to make a change for the better, while some sit on their ass and shoot deer for fun.
Rappa G-Fizzle: I live in da Ghetto, yo! What 'bout choo?
Wigger: I live in H-Town, the asshole of the world...
Rappa G-Fizzle: Aaw! Dat's whack!
by Billy Yesko May 13, 2006
H-Town is when there is three people having sex simotaneously. One guy will be getting a girl/guy from behind and the girl/guy will be giving a third person head which in the end creates an H.
Matthew Jones was having sex, doggie style, with Mandi Gentzel while she gave Jarod Thomas head.
by DJ March 24, 2005
uhm. Hemet, California. thats where the H town goes woooop.
uh its a population of old people and wayy cool scene kids just to the west of the thugs
by Amand Y June 30, 2005
The gangsta wayy to talk about Highland, IN.
Yo, the fair in H-Town was hott.
by Beccers July 29, 2006
Hamilton, New Zealand- sam as the Tron
"I'm off to h-town to see a gig".
by AliceK June 06, 2005
A city with ALOT of fukin mutant people. called Hamilton. Located in Ontario, Canada.
"Yo, I was walkin around H-Town and you should have seen some of the dirty hoes downtown"
by WSS August 23, 2005
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