A slang term used by cocaine dealers referencing a half kilogram of cocaine. Can also be used to reference other drugs but mostly cocaine.
Ay dawg, we got a htown goin for 10,500.
by imovecars89 August 31, 2011
A half Kilo of cocaine
I gotta meet my Cuban plug to get rid of this H-Town. He buying them for 11 a piece!

by suavecapone August 23, 2008

H-Town is a small town, just 30 minutes south of St Louis. It just so happens to be the (ever so popular) county seat. Inside this strange little town, live very strange little people. The residents there (generally speaking) happen to think that they are better than everyone. You must be accepted into this community, by standards of income, property, entertainment preferences and/or political positions. Failure to meet the acceptance terms of all of the above mentioned will result in immediate disassociation from this community and it's residents whom reside there.
(Guy 1) Dang dude, who was that chic u were talkin to last night?

(Guy 2) That was ----, she's from Hillsboro.

(Guy 1) I have to make a trip to H-Town twice a week for probation. You better step up your game then dude. In fact, i wouldnt mess around with that chic!!! Her dad could be a judge or somethin.

(Guy 2) Na dude, she can party with the best of um! Besides, if i can get in good with this chic, maybe i'll end up with a few connections.. Maybe save my ass next go round!!!
by SexyM0nk3y March 18, 2011
Stands short and cooler way for Herwanta, well-known suburban of Tampere, Finland. Lots of crazy things is happenin' there since population consists of almost every possible nation you could imagine. At the same time H-Town is full of handsome intellectuals known as Teekkaris.
Otto: "Yo biaa! H-Town to the max!"
Biatch: "Yo what is dem h-town bullshit?"
Mario: "No need to explain for those who've been around Mikontalo and so, dingus!"
by Roister-5 September 01, 2008
ah, itz, gotta be Hudson Massachusetts, where the name orign8td, but not after the name of the town, after all the HONKEYS thats be liv'n durr.
H- town aka huson aka honkeytown, has more wanxtaz in yankeys lids then a wide stance parade.
by .40 Cal-vin October 03, 2007
A place in ohio, also known as hilliard, FULL of drama and whores. This town everyone trys really hard and ghetto when there not at all. If you can find a girl here that isnt a whore, let me know. It might be the sign that the word is ending.

Girl "Did you hear that H-town is full of whores?"

Guy "Duh everyone knows that."
by K-holt December 02, 2010
Harrison, Maine
Illest Spot in the 207
H-Town Represent!
by H-Town DStine October 17, 2008

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