Houston, Texas. "H" refers The inital of the city.
I moving to H-town this summer.
by Anthony Cooks June 15, 2005
home to the best rappers around! including chamillionaire , lil flip,mike jones, paul wall. also know as bling bling
capital usa!4th biggist town is the usa and 2nd to none!
h-town is know to kill all the haterz...
also home to the houston texans and rockets..
haterz: hey bitch,your cloth suck!
h-town guy:hatin ehy?
POW!you hear a gunshot and no one shows up...
h-town bitch!!!
#h-town #houston #bling bling #gunshot #hatin
by jc from h-town October 23, 2007
Houston, Texas. A well known slang alias for Houston originating in the mid 1990's from an unknown source and widely used by the lower classes, gangbangers, drug traffickers, youths, etc.
Chamillionaire is from H-Town. Patrick Swayze is from H-Town. H-Town is hot as a bitch in August yo!
#houston #texas #gangs #drugs #chevy
by 60 Central March 20, 2008
Commonly known in the Western World as a nickname for Houston, Texas.

In Africa esp. Southern Africa, H-town is known to be Harare, Capital city of Zimbabwe.

Lesser known use and definition= Hustle Town.
where you from homie?
im from H-town bra?
#h-town #h town #houston #harare #hustle #h_town
by krphk November 07, 2010
Havertown, Pennsylvania- A suburb of Philadelphia; The real mufuckin H Town; A spot for white people to act black. It's known for fagget cops, slutty bitches, and reckless white boys.
Person 1: What's the deal with dudes from Houston saying they're from H Town?

Person 2: I don't know that shit doesn't even work. Havertown is the real H Town.
#havertown #delaware county #philadelphia #suburb #skatium
by D Blockalonious October 07, 2008
Any town, state, city or area that begins with the intial 'H'.

Most notably Houtson (Texas) and Hackney (London).

Hackney will be one of the area's in London, which will host the 2012 Olympic Games.
Jamal: Come let's go down to Hackney
Tyrell: Word! Its's all about H- Town!
Jamal: You know they got the crunkest girls in the whole of London
Tyrell: That's H- Town for you, we're going down
#hackney #htown #h-town #h town #london #ends #area #h'town
by H'town's Finest August 03, 2007
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