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the city of houston, texas. home to beyonce knowles who is in the pop group destiny's child.
oh shit beyonce is so fine, i want me some of that.
by jiggamon January 15, 2003
319 142
Not Hamilton Ontario Not Hamilton New Zealand.. not Hudson Florida...Get it right

Houston Texas....It's Houston Texas...
A Wanksta:Yo I'm from Hamilton ontario and we call it h-town
B Wanksta:Yo I'm from Hamilton New Zealand and we call it h-town
C wanksta:YO I'm from Hudson florida and we call it H-Town

Slim Thug: Shut the hell up It's Houston texas
by H-Town Reppin March 30, 2006
277 109
it means Houston, TX (get it straight!)
We crunk up the party at H- town!
by H- town's finest October 11, 2005
223 71
the largest city in texas, and the funkiest city in all the land.
you hate texas? thats mainly cause you live in dallas with those faggots, and bitches, I feel sorry for you. get your ass down to the texas coast or anywhere outside dallas or collin county
by milkshake January 20, 2005
380 234
the best city in Texas.. also 4th largest in country and no its not really a town for all you people from NY who think we are... TEXAS IS DA HOME OF THE PLAYAS N PIMPS.. if u lookin for cowboys and shit search Oklahoma/o
yo b u heard bout the all star game in H town
by Julio D February 24, 2006
258 131
yay go houston!
by Anonymous June 25, 2003
314 211
Houston, Texas. City of Syrup. Screwston, Texas.
Man htown is gonna be poppin the weekend of the Texas Beach Party.
by Morenita aka Tangela April 23, 2006
121 20