the word hell, as used by Meatwad, a character from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, a cartoon shown on Adult swim, on Cartoon Network.
...droppin the H-bomb up in here
by Olly J February 06, 2005
Top Definition
1. Telling someone that you go (went) to Harvard. Usually used in the phrase "to drop the h-bomb." It is a generally accepted principle of dropping the h-bomb that when a guy drops it, he instantly becomes more attractive, but when a girl drops it, she becomes less so. 2. Sex magazine at Harvard.
Mary was talking to a hot guy at the club the other night, but as soon as she dropped the h-bomb, he said he had to go.
by Margaret July 27, 2004
Abbreviation for "Hydrogen Bomb". The hydrogen bomb is the big brother of the first nuclear bombs, Fat Man and Little Boy, which were dropped on Nagasaki and Heroshima in 1945.

The hydrogen bomb uses a hydrogen neutron, fired at high speed, into an atom of some unstable element, usually uranium. This causes the uranium particle to separate. This, in turn, releases alot of enegry. The two halfs then proceed to re-do the above steps in a Chain Reaction, which is called fission.
EDIT: Actually it fuses together the neutrons of hydrogen in a thermonuclear reaction, not split apart the uranium.
Usually with a blast diameter of 10+ miles, as opposed to 1 mile diameter for an A bomb.
The Doomsday device.
by Intranetusa August 21, 2005
When a Harvard student or graduate casually mentions his affiliation with Harvard, usually in an attempt to impress people at a party or other social gathering.
Timmy dropped an H-bomb and the girls were all over him at the Tufts party.
by Nutmegger November 11, 2003
A weapon in the form of a missle warhead and, or Bomb that works on the property of fusing hydrogen together and harnessing the energy that comes from it. Some of which have sunk entire islands and can pollute the ground for at least 50 years or more.
I could turn this key, press this red button, launch this Thermonuclear weapon, and send us all to hell!
by Maraxus January 04, 2004
A coloquial form of name dropping practiced by students of Harvard University (or anyone else with the guile) whereby someone mentions their affiliation with Harvard to seduce a potential sex partner.
I've only ever dropped the H bomb once, but it totally worked: I got a chick to give me a blow job fifteen minutes after I met her.
by Craig C. May 10, 2006
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