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Humbled or Humiliated Beyond Any Repair
Damn, bro, when I saw that kid's eyes for the first time and that it was mine, I was H-BAR

Yo, dude's face was like blaaaowwwww after she dissed him in front of his boys, she made him H-Bar'd good

Yo, homey, don't be a whiny little bitch, alright? You got H-Bar'd, straight! I broke you ankles, they still over here and you all the way over here.

Yo, Bee, you gonna talk to Jay? He's totally H-Barring over you, give him a text...
by paulfinch613 December 29, 2012
short for hookah bar, a small little club that rents out a bunch of hookahs and overpriced drinks.
Nevin: Dude, let's go to the h-bar today!
Saajan: Sure dude, let's go
by thisnameisnottaken December 13, 2012