hard on
dude, don't grab my pillow. bro, i got a raging hard on, i need the h/o cover upper before your mom sees me.
by mattfair June 10, 2009
Top Definition
h/o is an abbreviated way of saying "hang on."
Can I read you my story really quick?

Sure, but h/o a sec
by Gyrapage May 03, 2005
Honest Opinion. Often used on sites such as ask.fm to ask for a person's opinion of someone
Question: "H/O on Sera"
Answer: "She's a bitch"
by ravix84 January 24, 2015
Abbreviation for "highest offer"
The h/o for the painting is $250.
by Oragutang August 12, 2007
used to say hold on... or call someone a hoe
but im not gonna tell u what he said...
b/c i dont like h/o s
by SassyUSMCbrat01 November 16, 2004

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